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1. Teacher of the Year Award, 1984 (UBC Psychiatry Residents)
2. Nominee, Medical Undergraduate Society Teaching Excellence Award, 1986 - 1987 (UBC Medical Class ’87)
3. Nominee, American Psychiatric Association 1989 Vestermark Award (UBC Department of Psychiatry)
4. Nominee, American Psychiatric Association 1991 Vestermark Award (UBC Department of Psychiatry)
5. Nominee, 3M Teaching Fellowship, 1990 (UBC Department of Psychiatry)
6. Awarded, Vancouver Medical Association Sixth Annual Literary Prize, 1990
7. Canadian Who’s Who, 1990
8. Awarded, Excellence In Teaching Award, Faculty of Medicine, UBC, 1991
9. Elected to membership, American College of Psychiatrists, 1991
10. Awarded, Nancy CA Roeske Certificate of Excellence in Medical Student Education, American Psychiatric Association, 1993
11. Recipient of the Mackid Lectureship, University of Calgary, May 5, 1994
12. Recipient of the H.B. Atlee Visiting Professorship, Dalhousie University, 1995
13. Recipient of the Medical Undergraduate Society Teaching Excellence Award, 1995-1996 (UBC Medical Class ’96)
14. Recipient of Distinguished Member Lectureship Award, Canadian Psychiatric Association, 1997
15. Appointed: Examiner, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, 1986-present
16. Awarded Fellowship, American Psychiatric Association, 1989
17. Recipient of Faculty Speaker Lectureship “Words of Wisdom”, Faculty of Medicine Graduation, May 16, 1998
18. Nominee Neal Award for series of publications on physician health in Medical Economics in 1998
19. Recipient of the Peter J. Neelands Lectureship, Northwestern Ontario Medical Program, Health Science North, Thunder Bay, Ontario, February 4, 1999
20. Recipient of the Brian Buss Lectureship, Oregon Psychiatric Association, February 26, 1999
21. Recipient of the William Gelfand Lectureship, Premedical Society of University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University, March 25, 1999
22. Recipient of Special Lectureship, American Psychiatric Association Institute on Psychiatric Services, New Orleans, LA October 30, 1999
23. Recipient of 7th . Annual D. Byron Griffith Memorial Lecture “When Physicians Commit Suicide”, Tulane Medical School, New Orleans, LA October 29, 1999
24. Recipient of Feldman Lectureship, University of Alberta, Edmonton, November 19, 1999
25. Recipient of Pushman Lectureship, Ottawa Psychiatric Society, September 13, 2001
26. Recipient of the Douglas Utting Award (for contributions to the study, understanding, and treatment of depressive disorders), Jewish General Hospital, 2002.
27. Nominee, American Psychiatric Association 2003 Vestermark Award.
28. Recipient of the CAIR (Canadian Association of Internes and Residents) Award (for contributions to resident health and well-being) 2002
29. Recipient, Distinguished Leader in Medicine, Dalhousie University 2005
30. Recipient, RO Jones Memorial Lectureship, Canadian Psychiatric Association 2005
31. William Osler Orator, Vancouver Medical Association 2006
32. Recipient, Honorary Alumnus Award University of British Columbia Medical Alumni Association 2008
33. Recipient, President’s Commendation, Canadian Psychiatric Association 2008
34. Fellowship, Canadian Psychiatric Association 2008
35. Fellowship, New York Academy of Medicine 2009
36. Fellowship Royal Society of Medicine, London England 2010
37. Distinguished Life Fellowship, American Psychiatric Association 2010
38. Award of Excellence. College of Physicians & Surgeons of British Columbia 2013
39. Distinguished Educator Award. Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences. SUNY Downstate Medical Center 2013
40. Honorary Member Award. Doctors of British Columbia. "The Doctors' Doctor". 2015
41. Honoree. American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. New York City Chapter. May 2016
42. Alumni of Distinction Award and Dean's Distinguished Lecturer Award Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry University of Western Ontario October 2016
43. Certificate of Excellence from PGY-3 Class for Outstanding Contributions Made to the Education and Training of Residents in Psychiatry SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University 2020-2021

43. Distinguished Faculty Award Department of Psychiatry SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University 2020-2021

45. Certificate of Excellence in Teaching. Office of Graduate Medical Education SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University 2020-2021

46. Presidential Commendation American Psychiatric Association. Clinical research, teaching, and advocacy in the field of suicide 2022

47. Dr Peter Marks Physician Health Advocacy Award. Connecticut Society of Eye Physicians. June 9, 2023

48. Certificate of Excellence from PGY-3 Class for Outstanding Contributions Made to the Education and Training of Residents in Psychiatry SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University 2022-2023