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Interview with Eric Tait on Physician Suicide and Other Losses

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Interview with Eric Tait on Doctors' Marriages

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Pearls of Wisdom From Four Women Who Have Lost a Physician Loved One to Suicide

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Two More and Counting: Suicide in Medical Trainees

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The aftermath of suicide: stories that empower

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Why Physicians Die By Suicide. A Different Take

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An interview with Dr Myers by Lucy Bruell, MS Editor-in-Chief Literature, Arts and Medicine Data Base.


Depression and suicide in emergency physicians

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Everyday Medicine Podcast. An interview with Dr Ryan Stanton


This is an article written with my colleague Professor Alice Herb

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Written with Glen O Gabbard, MD, this practial handbook discusses not only common illnesses and problems seen in doctors but also the many biopsychosocial treatments that are indicated.
Written with Carla Fine, author of the best-selling No Time to Say Goodbye: Surviving the Suicide of a Loved One (Broadway Books/ Doubleday 1999).
Intimate Relationships in Medical School is for anyone studying the medical sciences who is married or in a committed relationship.
"Easy to read and full of illuminating insights, How’s Your Marriage is the most helpful home repair kit imaginable.”
--Maggie Scarf, author of Unfinished Business: Pressure Points in the Lives of Women, Intimate Partners: Patterns in Love and Marriage, and Intimate Worlds: Life Inside the Family
A unique book written by a psychiatrist clinician about the intimate relationships of physicians.